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2024 Application Submissions

InnoVision Technology Awards are restricted to innovative and technical advances conducted in South Carolina over the past 18 months. Select only one Category per entry and submit a separate form for each entry. The application should provide specific details that explain why your entry should be recognized within the chosen Category. Descriptions of each category may be found by clicking on each of the listings under the Awards section above. 

If you wish to nominate a business, organization, or individual, fill out this contact form and we will contact them about submitting their application. To apply, read through the judging criteria and submit your information below.

Judging Criteria

Your entry should include technical details without disclosure of proprietary information. It is imperative that judges understand the nature of the technology, the originality, complexity and difficulty of the innovative advance, and its impact or benefits.

The objectives achieved by the technical innovation (product, process, or service) should be clearly and thoroughly described. Clarity is key.

Award entries will be evaluated in four distinct areas:


Describe the application or
product/service. Define what the objectives were for this application/product/process/
service. Clarity of the descriptions is key.


Explain how the product, process, or service is new, unique, or original. Explain
how the application applied existing technology in a different, innovative way.


The difficulty and complexity of the nominee’s use and advance of technology. Be sure to include:

  • the type of technology used
  • the difficulty faced in implementing objectives, and any extraordinary circumstances encountered and overcome in reaching the innovative technical solution


Please describe in detail, the tangible and measurable benefits attained from the product, process, or service developed. Describe the breadth and significance of benefits. When possible, include information on the community or consumer impact (local, regional, national, or global), expected economic impact, and its longevity (short-term; long-term).

InnoVision Technology Awards Judges are not South Carolina residents. Be sure to include any local community details that may provide perspective and help external judges to appreciate local impact.

If you need assistance in completing the application or have any questions, please email us at

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